Class Schedules

After the weekly class application deadline has passed (August and January), a link will be posted in the private Facebook group (and emailed) to all current term applicants to submit their class proposal ideas. Each term, new class proposals are used to create the new term schedule. The classes proposed are then reviewed and selected by the board. The final schedule is posted on the private Facebook group and emailed to all current term applicants, with the current term fee amounts per student and the due date. You will be notified which class(es) you are teaching before the term begins so you can  create lesson plans for the term.

Each student will have up to six periods in a three hour time frame. The first 30 minutes is a homeroom class to socialize with friends while the parents socialize in the hall and discuss upcoming events and deadlines. The remaining time with be additional educational classes, varying in subjects each term. 

  • When co-op resources allow, we have provided the 9 and older students the option to choose their schedule for the term. Two class options are available per class period, and the students are able to register for the classes they would prefer. These registrations for the class are based on paid term fees, and are first come, first serve. Each class has a maximum amount of students allowed per class. Once that class is full, students will automatically be enrolled in the second class option.
  • When co-op resources allow, 45 minute classes are available for the 9 and older students to provide more advanced learning. These classes are based upon parent willingness and availability. It is not a requirement to teach a 45 minute class.

Here are some examples of our previous classes from Fall 2021 and Fall 2022.