Substitute Plan and Health Policy

Substitute Plan Policy:

In the event that your family will be absent from co-op, you are required to do the following:

  • Notify a board member of your absence
  • Notify the second adult in your assigned class
  • Provide a substitute lesson plan

    • We strongly encourage as you are in the planning phase of your weekly class lesson plans to create substitute lesson plan ahead of time. Family emergencies and sickness can surprise us! Creating a lesson plan last minute isn't fun. Keep in mind, this lesson plan isn't necessarily the next topic on your teaching agenda, but more importantly, that it can be implemented by anyone who takes over the class. There have been times when the second adult in your class is also missing that day, so the class will be filled by any adult available during that block. 

    • If you know you will be absent ahead of time, such as a family vacation, providing lesson materials the week before is recommended. 

    • As a back up method, please post your lesson plans to the private Facebook group. Please tag your second in the lesson post. If your second is also absent that day, any adult who is available that block will be given the class and can reference your lesson materials via Facebook post. 

Health Policy:

When it comes to germs, sharing is NOT caring! These are the guidelines to follow should your family choose to participate in Bridges Co-op activities and classes.

The word "you" will refer to yourself, your children, spouse, and others in your household throughout this policy.
  • If you have a new virus/cold/illness with symptoms like cough, fever, vomiting, runny nose, headache, please remain at home.
  • If you have any of the following symptoms please remain at home until you have been free from these symptoms for 48hrs: Fever (100°or higher), vomiting, diarrhea, severe coughing.
  • If you have had a virus/cold/illness previously but seem to be on the mend, symptoms are minimal (occasional mild coughing, not constant, not severe) and are no longer contagious, you may once again attend activities with Bridges with appropriate health precautions like masks and frequent hand washing.
  • Mask use is at your families discretion, however those with any lingering symptoms are asked to either wear a mask, or stay home until well again.
As always, we encourage you to do what is best for your family, and your family's health. We love you and appreciate all of your participation with Bridges. We are definitely better together, and wish we could always be able to be together without these extra obstacles.