• When was Bridges created?

    Bridges was formed in 2018 with a primary goal to create a safe, engaging, and supportive environment for children and parents to connect, learn, and share ideas.

  • What ages are accepted into Bridges?

    Bridges is welcoming to all children of all ages. Weekly classes are taught for ages Pre-K through High School with a nursery available for children ages 3 and under. We kindly ask that each family have at least one school-aged child. Currently the families participating in Bridges range through 14 years old. As the needs of our co-op grow and change, so do our classes. As a Board, we do our best to grow with the families that we serve. 

  • Does our family need to belong to a particular faith or be religious to attend Bridges?

    NOPE! One of the beautiful aspects about Bridges being a secular co-op means we learn and grow together in diversity. Everyone is welcome regardless of their belief system. Our co-op families are from all different backgrounds, belief systems, and family dynamics. Despite all of our differences, being a secular co-op has created an opportunity for a safe, nurturing, space to develop unique and beautiful friendships within our co-op families.

  •  When, where, and how often do you meet?

    Weekly class members meet for 12 consecutive weeks each term on Monday mornings from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Our host, the Mountain Road Church in Fruit Heights, Utah (Davis County) provides the space for our co-op to utilize. The Mountain Road Church does not operate our co-op.

    Extra curricular activities are scheduled at various places and dates throughout the month. There are up to six activities scheduled per month.

  • What are the different membership options?

    Weekly Class Memberships are for those wanting to attend Monday morning classes each week. This membership includes access to all the extra curricular events. Each family must submit an approved application, pay term and background check fees, and completed signed waivers. This membership also includes access to all extra curricular activities.

    Extra Curricular Memberships (ECM) are for those who are unable to attend classes on Monday mornings, but would still like to participate in activities within our co-op. Each family must submit an approved application, pay term and background check fees, and completed signed waivers.
  • How much does Bridges cost?

    Bridges is a non-profit organization. All fees collected are used to keep the co-op running.

    Weekly Membership Term Fees: Each term fee will be different due to rent being calculated by number of people using the building. Our cost calculation for the term is rent + insurance, divided by number of students attending each term. Currently our price range is $50-85 per student ages 3 and older. Nursery (3 and under) is $15 per term. The more families we have, the less the term fee price per student. Bring your friends! Class Fees: Each teacher is able to charge a fee that goes directly to the teacher to help cover supplies of the class. These are generally under $5 per class. We know it adds up fast, so we try to keep fees as minimal as possible. Not all classes will have a fee.
    Extra Curricular Membership Fee (ECM): ECM fees are charged $25 per family, per term. This membership allows access to our private Facebook group that has information regarding field trips, class parties, Mom's Night Out, etc. Often these activities will have an RSVP fee to either pay for admission, or cover costs of supplies for events. These fees will be minimal, and are due near the event date. These fees are your RSVP to an event and non-refundable.
  • When are applications due? 

    The Weekly Class Membership application deadline for Fall term is in August, and Spring Term deadline is in January. See our website or Facebook Page for specific deadline dates as they approach. 

    Applications for our Extra Curricular Membership (ECM) are accepted year-round.

  • When do weekly classes start?

    Fall term begins the Monday after Labor Day in September, and the Spring term begins the first Monday in February. We have winter break December-January, and summer break mid May- early August. Each term will have 12 weeks of instructional time, with a one week break for Fall/Spring Break, totaling a 13 week time period.

  • Is this a drop-off program?

    No. Bridges is a true cooperative. In order for our co-op to succeed, we all have to help in the ways that we are able. A parent must stay on site. 

  • Who teaches the classes?

    All classes are provided by the passion, interest, and knowledge of our co-op families and other mentors. Each family is required to teach/host a minimum of one 30 minute class for 12 consecutive weeks on the subject of their choice. You may teach this class yourself, or, if you prefer, you can arrange for someone to come in and teach for you. For example, the past 2 years Bridges has had two (background-approved) volunteer teachers come and teach a chemistry class, and a psycho-education class. These teachers, a retired Geo-Thermal Chemist, and a licensed LCSW, both shared their life experiences and knowledge with the children. These classes were well loved by our students!

  • Do you use a particular curriculum? 

    No, we do not use a particular curriculum. Our classes are meant to support your efforts at home. These classes are created and taught at the discretion of the co-op families utilizing various programs, curriculums, and activities.  All classes are reviewed, selected, and approved by the Board. Bridges is a secular, enrichment co-op, meaning no religion will be taught in our classes.

  • What is the level of parent involvement? 

    Weekly Class families are required to teach/host a minimum of one 30 minute class for 12 consecutive weeks each term. Facility cleaning duties are assigned after weekly classes that take an additional 15 minutes. When you are not in your class teaching, you will be assigned as a second adult to a classroom, or assigned a float period. As a second adult you will assist the main teacher. If the main teacher is ever absent, you will be the first person delegated to teach the class for that day with lesson plans provided by the main teacher. As a float, this is your free period. Your duty as a float will include monitoring the hallway, helping children find parents if they need parental assistance, filling in for a teacher that may need to step out of the classroom, and give a 5 minute warning to all teachers before the class period ends.

    Extra Curricular families are able to attend events by RSVP and paying any applicable fees such as field trip costs. Parents are required to stay on site. All extra curricular activity attendance is optional. We would love to have your family involved, but life happens! Join us when it fits your schedule.

    All Bridges families are strongly encouraged to help to either plan, host, or arrange one extra curricular event per term. This includes class parties, Mom's Night Out, field trips, activities, etc. You are welcome to host it at your home, a park, local facility or wherever you are comfortable with. You are responsible for the facilitation of the event you choose to host, including creating an event within our private Facebook group with all event details. A sign up genius for all possible events is posted in the private Facebook group at the start of a term. This is a true cooperative, we cannot offer activities and events without help. The Bridges Board is always looking for willing members to help create fresh ideas and implementations to best suit our co-op needs. As a Board, we strive to make sure everyone is serving in the best way they are able and willing. Any help is appreciated. There are no requirements to being on the Board, other than an approved vote by all members. We aim to have an odd number of Board Members so that in the case of voting, there is the option of a majority. Board membership is optional.
  • What classes do you teach?

    When selecting classes, the Board will review all class proposals submitted by co-op families and select a variety of classes. We strive to make sure each age range has a variety of intensity, interest, and topics for their classes. Some of our previous classes taught by co-op families have been Lego building, Storytime, ABC letter books, Math games, Card Making, Yoga, Geography, Health and Nutrition, Game Design, Critical Thinking, Nature Studies, Flat Stanley, Journalism, ASL, Wild Foraging, Hand Sewing, Babysitters Club, etc. 

  • How do I know what class topics to choose for my proposal?

    Once you have completed your application, and are admitted to the private Facebook group, a link will be posted (as well as emailed) to all current term applicants. The link sent will include a form to submit a class proposal on a topic you are willing to teach. The class proposal link is only available to current term applicants AFTER the official application deadline. The class proposal form is generally due at least 2 weeks in advance from the start of each term. The deadline will be clearly posted and emailed. This proposal form is an opportunity for you to submit your class ideas for the various age ranges you are willing to teach. You are encouraged to submit more than one class idea, but are required to submit a minimum of one per term.

    We always suggest to select class topics that you, or your child(ren) are interested and passionate about! Passion makes the most impressionable classes for everyone involved. The classes you propose are 30 minutes long and taught continuously for 12 weeks. Keep it simple! Our co-op families are eager to learn, and enjoy learning from each other. 

  • My child has learning disabilities or special needs, can they be accommodated?

    Our goal at Bridges is to create a safe, engaging, and supportive environment for all of our co-op families. In the application, there is an opportunity for you to provide any information regarding assistance, special needs, or anything you deem necessary for the Board to know. As we are planning classes and events, we take those considerations into the planning process to make sure everyone can have the best experience possible. We have many families in our co-op that have learning, mental, and physical disabilities. We do our best to provide opportunities for everyone to participate to the best of their abilities. 

    As a parent, you are able to request a certain age level of classes that best suit your child's needs and abilities. We have many who are advanced, and some who need more time and assistance for learning. As a Board, we have placed the recommended age ranges for the classes listed each term, but are willing to accommodate those recommendations based upon your child's needs. If your child's needs are greater than the capacity we can offer in classes, we may ask you to assist your child throughout the day by aligning your parental schedule the same as your child's. 

    Our weekly class facility does have handicap parking, wheelchair accessible entrances, and restrooms available for use.  

  • Our family has food allergies, can we still participate? 

    Absolutely! We take food allergies very seriously at Bridges. In the application, there is an opportunity for you to provide this information to our Board. We want all of our families to be safe, and feel included in our events. We have many allergies, intolerances, and preferences regarding food within our co-op, and have managed to be able to provide food safely at our events thus far. You are always welcome to bring your own food/snacks to events for your family if you prefer.
  • I'd love to see if Bridges is the right fit for our family. Can we attend a weekly class or come to an event?

    We would love for you to see what all the fun is about! Your family is more than welcome to attend one of our monthly events or weekly classes. Please message us through our Facebook Page or send an email to Bridgescooperative@gmail.com and we can get your visit scheduled.

    All visits must be pre-approved by the Board. 

  • We missed the deadline for weekly classes! Can we still join weekly classes with a late registration?

    Our co-op is ran by volunteer homeschooling parents and has grown beyond the size where we can easily handle families moving in and out after the registration deadline.  We have tried in the past to accommodate new families throughout the term and it was very time consuming and difficult. As a Board, we have made the difficult decision to create a firm registration deadline to protect the time and efforts of our Board Members and teachers. Although the Weekly Class Membership deadline has passed, we would love for your family to join us through our Extra Curricular Membership at anytime during the year! We are a very social co-op with multiple events held each month for all age ranges, even Moms! 
  • I still have questions, who can I ask?

    We are happy to answer any questions you have. Please message us through our Facebook Page or send an email to Bridgescooperative@gmail.com.