Weekly Class Membership

What is included in this membership?

Weekly memberships provide an opportunity for families to meet weekly to learn and grow together in various topics. This membership also includes access to all extra curricular activities.

Benefits of weekly classes:
  • Supportive learning environment for the whole family
  • Engaging and interesting class topics
  • Consistent socialization with peers
  • Educational instruction provided by passionate co-op parents
  • Affordable

What ages can attend weekly classes?

Bridges is welcoming to children of all ages. We provide classes for students preschool aged through high-school. Kids 2 and under may remain with mom. A nursery classroom is available for use. We do request that each family have at least one school-age child. 

Requirements of parents for weekly classes: 

Weekly classes are taught by Bridges parents or outside co-op mentors who are knowledgeable in that subject. You may teach a class yourself, or, if you prefer, you can arrange for someone to come in and teach for you. For example, the past 2 years Bridges has had two (background-approved) volunteer teachers come and teach a chemistry class, and a psycho-education class. These teachers, a retired Geo-Thermal Chemist, and a licensed LCSW, both shared their life experiences and knowledge with the children. These classes were well loved by our students!

If it is not your designated teaching period, you will be assigned as a second adult in another classroom or monitor the hall in a float period. In the case of another family or teacher's absence, you may need to substitute teach for another class. We require two adults per classroom at all times. Regular attendance for weekly classes is necessary except in the case of illness, emergency, or pre-scheduled family events. We are a true cooperative and need all hands on deck in order to succeed. In the event of your absence, please see the Substitute Plan and Health Policy requirements. We know teaching is scary to some, but we promise, it’s not as difficult as it seems! The best classes to teach are topics that you or your child(ren) are interested and passionate about (if you want to teach classes with your children in them). Classes can be as simple or as complicated as you would like.

  • Previous class ideas: Lego building, Storytime, ABC letter books, Math games, Card Making, Yoga, Geography, Health and Nutrition, Game Design, Critical Thinking, Nature Studies, Flat Stanley, Journalism, ASL, etc. 

All Bridges families are strongly encouraged to help to either plan, host, or arrange one extra curricular event per term. This includes class parties, Mom's Night Out, field trips, activities, ect. You are welcome to host it at your home, a park, local facility or wherever you are comfortable with. You are responsible for the facilitation of the event you choose to host, including creating an event within our private Facebook group with all event details. A sign up genius for all possible events is posted in the private Facebook group at the start of a term. This is a true cooperative, we cannot offer activities and events without help.

Weekly Class Structure:

Classes begin Monday mornings at 9 a.m. and end at 12 p.m. each week. Each student attends up to six classes. The first period is a homeroom class for students to socialize with their friends. We have found this opportunity for social time allows our students to better focus and be fully engaged in their classes. Each additional class following homeroom is educational instruction time. During homeroom, co-op parents also have the opportunity to socialize and discuss weekly announcements in the hallway.

  • When co-op resources allow, we have provided the 9 and older students the option to choose their schedule for the term. Two class options are available per class period, and the students are able to register for the classes they would prefer. These registrations for the class are based on paid term fees, and are first come, first serve. Each class has a maximum amount of students allowed per class. Once that class is full, students will automatically be enrolled in the second class option.
  • When co-op resources allow, 45 minute classes are available for the 9 and older students to provide more advanced learning. These classes are based upon parent willingness and availability. It is not a requirement to teach a 45 minute class.
  • Class Fees: Each teacher is able to charge a fee that goes directly to the teacher to help cover supplies of the class. These are generally under $5 per class. We know it adds up fast, so we try to keep fees as minimal as possible. Not all classes will have a fee.
Weekly Class Schedule:
  • 9 a.m. Co-op begins (homeroom for students, announcements for parents)
  • 9:30 a.m. - 11:55 a.m. Educational classes in 30 or 45 minute increments
  • 11:55 a.m. Students assist in facility cleaning assignments
  • 12 p.m. Weekly classes end
  • 12:15 p.m. Co-op families assigned weekly cleaning duties leave
How can our family join weekly classes?
  • Fill out the Bridges Application. Weekly class application deadlines are in August for Fall term and in January for Spring term.  See our website or Facebook Page for specific deadline dates as they approach. You can find the application here
  • Submit a request for a background check by paying $22 on the Donate Tab with the memo: "Your family last name" Background Check Fee. 
  • Access to the private Facebook group will be granted with all the information regarding class proposal deadlines.
  • Submit class proposal. You are required to teach/host a minimum of one class per term.
  • Term fee deadline posted. Class schedules are selected by the Board based upon proposals submitted, and clearly posted with the total amount of term fees required per student. Information regarding individual class fees and required supplies needed will also be posted.  
  • Pay the Weekly Class term fee per student via the Donate tab with a memo of "Your family last name" term fees.
  • Attend. Join us at Mountain Road Church Monday morning at 9 a.m. the Monday after Labor Day in September, or the first Monday in February. Can't wait to meet your family!
  • Pay class fees. Bring cash with your students name labeled in an envelope for class fees on the first day of classes. Class fees are paid directly to the students teacher to cover cost of supplies for the classes provided. DO NOT PAY CLASS FEES TO BRIDGES.